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Monster Guts

Dedicated to the do-it-yourself prop builder, Monster Guts offers all the things you need to help make your creations come to life.

Rank Title and Description In Out
1 Best Ghost Sites
55 0

A Web directory for horror and paranormal sites.
2 Linda's Haunted Halloween
38 0
Come float down our haunted halls for a ghastly great Halloween! Prepare to be haunted!
3 Halloween Fun Scare
36 0

B00, Frighteningly Free Halloween Fun. Strange Ghosts, ghouls and goblins in the dark evil corridors phenomenon and unexplained events Hauntings of horror Dead men rising Vampires Metal Gothic and ghostly shadows costumes, props, Candles and candy Stop by
4 Ripper's Most Horrifying Sites
28 41

The Ripper's Top Horror, Halloween, Fantasy & Scary Sites
5 Real vampires website
19 0

This is a unique Vampire website for real vampires as well as the curious. It has valuable information for any real vampire and is based on scientific evidence. It also leads to other good websites for real vampires.
6 Trick Or Treat Top Sites
19 0

Trick or Treat! Top list for all Halloween related sites, Costume sites, Family sites, gothic family sites, Horror related sites, and Paranormal related sites. Welcome!
7 Mistress Yvonne's Frightening Top 100
16 0

Dare to Enter the World of the Mistress...
8 Bluelips
10 0

Morbidly hilarious! Let us put you into an early grave with our anatomically correct chocolate body parts. Our embalming, autopsy and shockumentary videos/dvds,coffin jewelry,t shirts and more!
9 Nicholas Grabowsky's Diverse Compendium
8 0

Official site of world-acclaimed horror/fantasy novelist Nicholas Grabowsky! News, bio, art, writer's services, films, top sites, Michael Myers! Packed with features!
10 Scare 'Em Witless
4 0
Well - ARE you ready to be scared witless?
11 100 Top Horror Links
2 0

Halloween and Horror-related sites, resources, masks and costumes, props, forums, news, events, haunted houses and attractions, many more.
12 Merlins Ltd - Halloween horror masks
1 0

Halloween masks,horror masks,scary masks,and the home of the AMAZING realistic masks that fit you "Just like in the movies"
13 Adopt A Demon
1 0
Imagine owning your own pet from the nether regions of Purgatory. Have a heart - Adopt A Demon today!
14 'Fraid Of The Dark?
1 0
Well...ARE you afraid of the dark?
15 The Ripper's Crypt
0 0
Horror Movie Reviews, Trivia, Trailers, Links and more Horrific Fun!

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